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IBM Thinkpad with Cappuccino spilled into keyboard and motherboard:

PC082454.JPG (313835 bytes)PC122466.JPG (382706 bytes)
After disassembly and after (mostly) reassembled

PC082456.JPG (399443 bytes)PC082459.JPG (397267 bytes)
Dirty and Cleaned AC/DC Board.

PC082455.JPG (403896 bytes)PC082458.JPG (405020 bytes)
Dirty and Cleaned Main Board.

PC082457.JPG (404414 bytes)
Underside after cleaning.

PC082460.JPG (388655 bytes)PC082461.JPG (399697 bytes)PC082462.JPG (374806 bytes)PC082463.JPG (398557 bytes)PC082464.JPG (388278 bytes)PC082465.JPG (360405 bytes)
Reassembly Steps.