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Jim Hermann provides full service Domain Name Registration, DNS Services, and Nameserver Aliases through our Domain Registrar at

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration costs $24 per year.  Setup is free.  Members must agree to the DNR Agreement.

DNS Services

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the technology that ties text-based domain names to the numeric IP Addresses that are necessary to locate a domain names server on the Internet.  DNS Services can:

Specify a default IP address for a domain name
Specify a default URL forwarding address - any existing link on the Internet:
with cloaking -  the name of the domain will stay in the browser's location bar, or
without cloaking - the URL that the domain is being forwarded to will replace the name of the domain in the browser's location bar 
Park a domain name to one of two default parking pages - "under construction" page or a "future home" page
Specify subdomains that independently point to any IP address or URL
Specify mail servers for a domain (i.e.MX records)

DNS Services cost $14 per year.  To use this service, your domain name registration nameserver settings must be changed to and which will then become "authoritative" for your domain name.

NameServer Aliases

If you would like your own NameServer Alias, we can activate it for $20/month and Domain Name Registration fees.  Setup is free.

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