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Jim Hermann is an Internet Presence Provider (IPP), not an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  We provide space on a Web Server to host your Web Pages and associated services.  Our customers must provide their own access to the Internet.  Your cost depends upon your needs for disk space, traffic size, and files.  You can pay monthly or pay a discounted yearly fee.  Setup is free. 

We specialize in discount Web Hosting, Email and Mailing List services. We are backed by a superior redundancy, high-quality, high-availability network infrastructure.   We offer you the resources and support you need to create an effective and powerful Internet presence at the most competitive prices available. We guarantee our services with a 30-day no-nonsense money-back guarantee on all accounts.

Disk Space

Traffic Allowed Files Allowed Yearly Cost
5 MB 2 GB/month 500 $144
10 MB 3 GB/month 1000 $168
25 MB 4 GB/month 2000 $192
50 MB 5 GB/month 2500 $216
75 MB 6 GB/month 3750 $240
100 MB 7 GB/month 5000 $264
150 MB 8 GB/month 7500 $288
300 MB 9 GB/month 15000 $324
500 MB 10 GB/month 25000 $384

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All accounts include the following features:

UnlimitedEmail Forwarding Aliases
50 POP Email Accounts
Default Email to Main Account
Ensim Administrator Control Panel
Shell Access (SSH/Telnet)
File Transfer Directory (FTP)
Unlimited Majordomo Mailing Lists
Unlimited Autoresponders

FREE (SSL) Secure Server
FREE Real Audio & Video
FREE MS FrontPageŠ Extensions
FREE Referrer & Error Logs
FREE CGI-bin, Java, PERL, shtml, 
, C++, TCL, & Python
FREE Protected Directories

FREE Scripts: 
, FormMail, 
Search, Bulletin Board,
Guestbook, Page Counters
Usage S
Online Manuals

Domain Registration 
Fees are included.

Optional Features 
Setup Fees

Additional POP Email - $20
Additional FTP/POP - $30
Add Telnet/FTP/POP - $50

Domain Name Registration

A Domain Name Registration is included with each account.  Any additional domain name registration will cost $24 per year.  Setup is free. For more information, check the under DNR and DNS Services.

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Created January 1, 2001.  Last Updated June 21, 2003 .

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